The last supper

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Thankfully the last supper lasted 4 days…February 14th – 17th. I was made some amazing red velvet love hart cup cakes smothered in cream cheese icing for valentines days. They were finished off for breakfast the next day. Later that same day i came home to the beautiful aroma of carrot cake, to be quickly told, ” no you can’t have any, It is all for Paul.” Thankfully I was prepared for this and had bought some heavenly hash ice cream and Cadburys mini eggs (all on special…bonus!!). I was determined my last couple of days were going to be sugar laden…

Jen saw the mini eggs and promptly confiscated one packet for Paul’s cake. On a positive note Jen had make me four carrot cake muffins, as my “whining and whimpering” is a pitiful sight apparently.. Mmmm

So a huge bowl of ice cream, one muffin and a plethora of mini eggs were soon devoured, much to jens chagrin. She had made an amazing salad. Yes SALAD. Which I must say was pretty dam good.

Saturday 16th was another good breakfast day – two muffins and coffee, with lots of extra cream cheese icing (which appears to have mysteriously disappeared! I wonder who ate that whilst I was at work?). Lunch was salad. A pre dinner treat was a huge bowl of ice cream. Dinner was more salad and a rather succulent chicken breast.

Today (Sunday) is the final day of my last supper, and then the fun begins… I must thank every one for their encouraging words and comments, I mean ridicule and humorous jibes. Thank you, I now have extra incentive to stay clean for the 6 weeks.

Brunch will be the truckers breakfast at Sky way and I will probably finish the day by demolishing what is left of the ice cream.

Hopefully my shakes/DT’s won’t inhibit my amazing one finger typing skills. What can be more exciting, than listening (reading) the ramblings of a middle aged man and his battle against sugar. Then again you are probably praying they do….

The little fella is sound asleep, so I am off to make another brew and get prepped for our day out – bridal show, food shopping and then bargain hunting at Zellers before they finally close their doors.

Enjoy the weekend…

Cheers mate…


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