Our objective is to provide our clientele with the necessary training tools and motivation to succeed in attaining their health & fitness goals and overall lifestyle empowerment.

Welcome to Bespoke Fitness

Bespoke Fitness, is Muskoka`s premier boutique fitness studio and Massage Therapy clinic, located at 140 Muskoka Rd South, Gravenhurst

We provide the highest quality professional services in health & wellness and lifestyle balance, and are proud to offer the following:

Manual Osteopathy
Massage Therapy
Semi private bespoke fitness classes
Personal training – individual & couples
Sports specific training & conditioning
Pre & post event therapy
Private Shotokan karate instruction
Ladies self defence classes

The whole ethos and concept of Bespoke Fitness revolves around the individuality and personal requirements of each client. We do not offer quick fixes, magical weight loss solutions or the latest fitness gimmick, fad or cookie cutter training program. We do however promote a positive nurturing environment, integrating the physical and intellectual aspects of lifestyle empowerment.

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