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Wow, it's been over 6 months since my last post, you lucky buggers!!! It has been a period of delightful highs, lows, new friendships, experiences and an equisitely evolving journey of self..

So where to begin???

I have read with interest the plethora of excuses by so called high profile people on their decision not to wear a poppy.

So, why do I wear a poppy. Apart from it being a yearly tradition throughout my infant & junior school life. You'd take one or two bob in, and when they came into your classroom – yes in my day, poppies were brought into the classroom, you went up paid your 1 or 2 bob and got your poppy. I wear a poppy not in support of a particular group or organization, but as my acknowledgment to the hundreds of thousands of fallen servicemen & women and their sacrifice.

I see a poppy as a reminder of those selfless souls, many of whom had no choice, yet so gallantly sacrificed all they held dear in the name of king & country, fighting a war not of their choosing, but humbly taking up arms against tyrannical leaders and policy makers.

To all the fallen and few remaining survivors thank you. It is because of you I am able to sit at home, savour a rather delectable Pinot noir, while Pink Floyd weave their hypnotically melodic magic.



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