Leg Warmers, Jane Fonda workouts and training outdoors…

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Wow, the summer is over and autumn is upon us. How time flies, when you are having fun…

The title of this post dates back to earlier in the year, when I was told to take my Jane Fonda workout, out of a guys gym (the local Y!!!) and asked where are your leg Warmers??? All because I was a tad peeved that it took in excess of 45 minutes, yes 45 minutes for a shoulder set on the squat rack…and they say the neanderthal is no more….

Anyway, enough of that, and on to more interesting things and people…..

Our summer journey was a success. A rigorous training schedule saw many personal accomplishments, and evolutions.

Most notably, a weight loss in excess of 50lbs, over coming a fear of heights to jump 12ft into a freezing pool of muddy water, and completing the tough mudder. Coupled with personal best cycle times, a general feeling of increased vitality and health, and the knowledge that an event previously out of reach, could now be completed comfortably, with only a few days notice. All in all a pretty sweet summer

I myself, was forced out of my comfort zone on more than one occasion. Both times met with success, and reinforced my belief that road riding sucks, and why the hell would any sane person, want to spend in excess of 3 hours on a piddly little seat. I can confirm however, that the Hilly hundred, is a very, very appropriate name. If any one wishes to experience a rather fun, yet cheeky ride, check out the Bancroft hilly hundred, quite correctly billed as ontarios hardest hundred.


After a 10 day respite, the winter phase of training is upon us. We are, unfortunately back in doors. Such a shame as spring, summer and autumn were exceptional for training. We started with frost on the ground, and quite appropriately ended with frost on the ground. There really is nothing quite like training out side. Many a wonderful sunrise greated us. Making déjà vu Wednesdays almost bearable or adding to the tranquility at Gull lake, as the crazy woman took her daily swim. Mind you, she was probably thinking the same, as we huffed and puffed along, like an asthmatics chorus.


Holy smokes, feeling a few aches following the first strength workout on Tuesday. On a positive note, despite not doing any heavy weights over the summer, I squatted only a few pounds lighter than I finished with in the winter. The second session faired a little better and helped eradicate a few aches. Ahh my favourite training day now, well two days, rest, and a beer or two (and ice cream) for thanks giving.

Keep smiling and having fun….




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