GSP, discipline, taxes and tough mudders..

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Wow, how quickly time flies, when tax returns are due and procrastination rules. On a positive note I successfully completed the 6 weeks of no added sugars and clean eating. And as a bonus I have managed to steer clear of the mass marketed junk food and crap I enjoy so much.

I do indulge in the odd glass of wine, and i must say, It does taste very different when not chased down with a delightfully semi melted ice cream. However summer is enroute, and thanks to my improved eating habits, my belt is one notch tighter, and six pack straining for release. The weight stayed the same 175-180lbs, however a body composition change is very evident. Apparently I am not allowed to get down to last years summer weight of 168lbs, as I look too skinny.

I did enjoy the GSP and Nate Diaz fight over a few beers. I must say GSP's discipline and ability to maintain a predetermined strategy under a barrage of blows and stress is truly wonderful to watch.

A little bit of will power and the desire to achieve our goals are very important. Combine them with a cracking support network and who knows what is attainable…

So tough mudder… I love people who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and say, “That looks like fun/hard, i have never done any thing like that before. I will do that.” Which is why I am training two people to participate in this autumns Toronto tough mudder. We have a team registered ” The Gravenhurst heartbreakers” and for once at 42 I am the youngest team member. Our training regime commenced last night with a 10 min fit test followed by a cheeky 40 min strength circuit. We will be training outdoors 3 times a week – Monday evenings and Wednesday and Friday mornings at 0700.

One of the guys has bought a 20' x 1 1/2″ rope, so we can practice rope climbs, as he could never do it at school. Fantastic attitude. “I struggle at this, lets practice it more.”

My own comfort zone will be broadened, as I agreed to partake in a rather cheeky (and apparently hilly) 75k road ride. I truly dislike being on a road bike for longer than an hour, at a push 90mins, I will quite happily ride a mountain bike all day, blazing trails and wiping out. So 3-4 hrs in the saddle should be an amusing experience for those riding with me.

Keep smiling and happy St George's day to my fellow Enlishman (and ladies..)

Cheers mate, crack on….


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