First ever blog post – no more sugar!!

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Ok, so I guess here goes… Welcome to my blog, thoughts and ideas page, where, through the finely tuned English skill of self deprecation, I aim to amuse, share ideas, training philosophies and hopefully sneak in a modicum of educational material.

My first shared experience, will be my personal battle against the mighty foe sugar…we have been waging war now for 42 years. The battles have been numerous, with victories for both sides. With a new family and age starting to play a factor into body composition changes (things are starting to be a little cheekier to remove once they take hold). Plus, I do have a rather vain side and more importantly I want to be able to enjoy sporting activities with my son Gabriel, who at 9 weeks old is having a ball with his daily calisthenics (crazy uncoordinated leg and arm waving), whilst laughing and gurgling.

So after a bet with my amazing fiancé, I shall be going clean from Monday 18th February until the end of march. What does clean mean to us? Well no processed or refined sugars added to food. Which means none of the lovely foods I relish and devour on a far too regular basis.

This will be a very interesting time… vain side aims to regain the six pack I had last summer, whereas the sensible side is teaming up with my liver and other organs to give them a rest and much needed recuperation time. Ah an internal holiday, lucky organs!!!

Cheers mate…

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  1. I honestly believe that a clean diet isn’t as difficult as people make out. If you knew how much better you would feel eating ‘cleanly’, then you’d never touch anything processed again!

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