Comfort zones, who needs them???

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So, after a few recent discussions as to the events we are doing this year, a rather cheeky one has been added. The muskoka river X. A mere 128 km paddle in under 24hrs, encompassing 4 lakes, 2 river systems and only a map & compass for navigation, oh and up to 19 portages.

As I'm writing this I'm also checking out the race details, and holy flip flops, my race partner was right, I am the only person stupid enough to do this with him. All his normal/sensible, training/exped friends are giving this a wide berth, and dopey bollocks here with absolutely NO PADDLING experience jumped right in.

As I've said before, don't get too comfy in your little bubble. Take a step outside, it's a fun and challenging world. Experience something new and delectably scary. Feel that wonderful nervous butterfly fluttering in your stomach and embrace trepidation. Don't be afraid of failure, surround yourself with honest friends, who will acknowledge every triumph no matter how minor (no sugar for a week) & congratulate your triumphs, rid the sycophants and escape the bubble…

Wow, This was written over three months ago, and is so applicable to me right now as I come back to finish this drivel…

I am currently so far out of my comfort zone it is unbelievable…however my own positivity and above all else an excellent support network and therapist (thankfully not a sycophant in sight!!!!) has me firing on all cylinders.

A new designation: manual osteopath, rebranding my business, new clinic & home location are all coming into play. This summer WILL (see what I did there!!) be great…

Talk talk, said it perfectly ” life's what you make it” and at the minute I'm trying to make a “holy fuck that's awesome” (sorry crossed over into canadiana speak for a moment!!) from a bag of doggy do!!!

Positivity is the key, stay strong and believe in yourself and those around you.

Oh and on a lighter note, here is the little fella modelling his new swim towel, and playing where he probably shouldn't…

And plotting mischief (no matter how cute he appears…)

Have a great summer, smile and be kind to others…


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