Cinnamon cannelle cake and 5 min gazelles…

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My lovely little lady Jen, is still getting the odd food craving post partum. The latest was a cinnamon cannelle cake, which I did go and buy for her, much to her protests that it would be cruel and mean to A; have the cake in the house and B; eat the cake in front of me whilst I am on my no sugar crusade. I assured her that I would see it as a personal challenge not to even lick the knife or pick up crumbs as I served it.

With a gleeful smile Jen sent me off to the shop. I can honestly say I was tempted once. However on perusing the ingredient list, that temptation vanished as quickly as it arrived.

End result; no cake for the phat lad. And Jen emphatically requested not to get her any more “crap”even if she insists. Wins all round methinks…

On a side note, since Jen introduced me to the afore mentioned cake, it has become a particular favourite. If only such delicacies could be bought in a smaller size and quantities, there may not be such an obesity epidemic.

Whoops, guess I got busy and forgot to finish this blog off. No wonder my homework was alway completed (copied) in registration each morning, or during said class.

The gazelles are coming on nicely. At the time if writing I was up to 5mins with some left in the tank. I am now at 7 mins and pretty dammed chuffed about it. My goal is 10 mins by the end of August.

As a treat for my abstention of sugars, Jen made me a celebratory batch of brownies. Get in.

I must say they were pretty dam fantastic, as were the chocolate chip oat cookies she also made. Yep, I am a lucky guy.

Training and eating are going well, and the little fella at 20+lbs is not so little any more. The snow has finally gone and the sun is shining. Enjoy…



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