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Our strength phase is well under way, with a cracking comment: “holy shit!!! I thought I was fit and trained this summer!!!”

Comfort zone peeps, keeping expanding it, don't let it get too comfortable….

School is marching on at a cracking pace. Even the drive to Toronto is bearable, however there is definitely a tension cloud that envelopes the city. It is always nice to drive home, see the expansive fields and decompress.

The country really is a beautiful place to live, and muskoka encapsulates pretty much all you need (except a few big hills!!), unfortunately Canucks, as beautiful as muskoka is, that is where the Lake District trumps you.. Oh and Kendal mint cake, cream teas and frigid lakes…

Christmas is almost upon us, the corporate greed machine would have us believe. Christmas decorations and songs in November. What the flip flops is going on, and what on earth happened to the twelve days of Christmas, and good will to all??

We really have become a gimme, gimme gimme society, with spoilt brats for kids. And crazy priorities… All centred around a perverse set of imposed ideals…

Ahhhh rant over

Enjoy the festive period..


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