Be ยท spoke [bih-spohk]

(adjective Brit.) – made to order. Made according to the specifications of an individual.

personal trainer Burlington Ontario

Bespoke Fitness is owned and operated by Darren Wigginton RMT

About Darren

Darren is a former British Military Policeman, fully qualified as a Close Protection Operative (Bodyguard) and as a Close Quarter Combat Instructor. Darren is also a Karate Coach, Can Fit Pro Certified Personal Trainer and Triathlon community coach. During his tenure in the Military, Darren assisted in the day-to-day physical training of troops, along with the introduction and implementation of various training programs for a specialized UK Military Close Protection Team. As well being a competitive member of the Royal Air Force Karate Team, Darren was the assistant coach and head coach to two Station Karate Clubs.

Being raised in a professional sporting environment (Darren”s father was a professional Footballer in England), Darren learned from an early age that fitness and well being are the key to a healthy and successful lifestyle. Throughout his career Darren has maintained this philosophy and strives to encourage others to achieve their goals and enhance their lifestyles and personal well being.

Darren is a Registered Massage Therapist and certified ART provider