The new year….

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Ahhhh, finally a few minutes peace as the little fella takes a breather from climbing all over me and patting my head.. Good daddy??

Training is going well, we are just recovering from rest week. First couple of sessions back are always fun. The eating however is a different matter. The body composition has changed (not in a good way) and a few pounds of flab are creeping on… I'll soon be doing the “truffle shuffle” “ice creammmmmmm”

Steady on there Jeff, I can still get in the 32″ waist jeans you coveted!!!!

Ouch peace over, an expertly placed foot and fist, has just raised my voice a few octaves…

Ok, back to the eating. Terrible since last September. We are having a really hard time getting back into eating clean. I know, no excuses; Taxes, work, not enough hours in the day, lethargy (due in part to poor food choices) we are making them all and making some crazy ones up as well.

So a date has been set and accountability made. 01 March (I even had to stipulate this year hahaha) and we are back, eating clean. Real, fresh food. Processed crap is off the menu. I shall have a few home made treats this weekend on our family get together and visit to the Nature museum and frog exhibition.

Loads of snow this winter, a mere 7' in December alone, and yes, it's snowing again!! Beautiful, absolutely stunning, so far over 14' has graced muskoka this year, and the winter is far from over.

The long rang weather forecast doesn't bode well for the start of our out door training phase. We may be indoors until April, bugger!!!! Good job the lads have fat bikes, and can get a few miles in on the snow mobile trails.

Well, time to crack on and save my testicles from the relentless onslaught of feet and knees.

Train hard, live easy….


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