Nefarious food companies and bed races…

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Wow, quite a bit has happened since my last post.

Lets start with how my battle against sugar is going…Not too bad, however there have been a few hiccups. My fault entirely. However misleading food packaging and not paying attention/scrutinizing labelling didn't help.

60 second female house servant, you are a naughty naughty entity…

There needs to be a law passed that stipulates how precise and accurate food labels have to be. No hiding things in small print, and definitely NO very, very clever wording aimed to catch the eye. And above all else consumer education. Through lack of attention and quickly glancing at the BIG PRINT I drank a couple of sugar laden glasses of juice blend, under the impression it was pure juice. I know, I know, RTFQ (read the efing question, as they used to say during my military stint..) or RTFL – read the efing label, as is more applicable to this.

So with lesson learned and added vigilance, I continue on my quest…and shall be sticking to water and a daily addition of a greens superfood supplement.

I do believe we shouldn't be subjected to, or require this level of vigilance and questioning when buying food. Are profits really more important than the health of a population?

On further investigation and witnessing the power of the media, subliminal advertising and the not so subliminal product placement, it does unfortunately appear, profits override the general health of the consumer/populace. Sad, sad times my friends…

Ok back to more fun stuff. I competed in a bed race at the weekend. Gordo, ever the athlete turned up in full training regalia, whilst us mere mortals made do with jeans and boots. It was a cold morning, however Team Brackley boats, did a pretty good job.


Armed with nothing more than camaraderie, our wits and some comedy t-shirts, we strode into the arena. Yawnaha, snoozuki, over-bored, mersnoozi, and even ride, were ready to race…..


We won best bed design for our (Rob's) masterpiece – Dream Boat. Apparently the lettering cost more than the sum of all the parts…unfortunately Robs, Lateral deviation fears did play a part in our final positioning and the almost fatal running over of the time keeper and a few spectators.


A mere 0.4 seconds was the difference between us and first place. On a positive note it was nice that our team with a combined age of 224, did such a sterling job against a vastly younger and more energetic team, who's total age was 122…old man strength and experience almost conquered youth and vigour. Next year gents the title will be ours….

Training has been going well and phase 4 of our winter training regime is well under way. I am happy to report, sore aching muscles have been a result of the step up in tempo and intensity. As Hannibal used to say “I love it when a plan comes together…”

The salad is still flowing, and I must say I am getting a liking for radishes, sweet peppers and even celery. Goodness what next, onions…whoooaahhhhh hold on there mate, no need to rush.. That is crazy talk.

Read those labels and keep smiling!!!!

Cheers mate…


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  1. We will get them next year!

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