Days one & two…Monday 18 – Tuesday 19th Feb 2013

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After being chastised for not putting an n on dam, or mentioning the cooked to perfection basmati rice, I shall do that now…

Cooked to perfection basmati rice, not only complimented but enhanced the aesthetic value and taste of a delicately made salad and succulent chicken breast… DamN that was a mighty fine dinner Jen….

Ok, onto the fun stuff…

The phat lad almost fell at the first hurdle, at 0230 hrs Monday morning whilst in a sleep deprived haze a spoonful of peanut butter was eaten as I prepped milk for the little fella.. Imagine my absolute horror when out of curiosity I checked the ingredients…SUGAR…foooook! I didn't even make it 3 hrs. I was pretty pissed at myself and confessed to Jen at 0800 over our breakfast coffee and oats. “That's insane!! And too hard core you can't do that.”

Phew a reprieve. However I did rush out and buy organic PB… Bloody expensive, this healthy eating malarkey.

Some how, things have got totally screwed up. It is bloody stupid and insane that it is cheaper to to buy processed crap and damage the bodies internal organs and overload an already stretched health care system with illnesses that could be avoided…

Whoops, back on track slim…enough tangent ramblings…

No real sugar cravings yet and the eating is going well. Oats for breakfast will become a staple over the winter, with home made salads, quinoa, rice and different meats, with the odd fried veggie dish.

No training Monday, as it was family day…Tuesdays session was fun hahahahah or as Mr Paul expressed “holy fuck, is it just me or are you feeling it to” gasping like an asthmatics chorus I wheezed the affirmative. Even Gordo felt it, so it must've been hard….

1 min rnds 15 sec transition x 5 with 45 sec rest after 5th exercise before starting again..

Staggered press ups – wide to narrow and back

Gun drills

Iron cross

Squat jumps

Renegade rows to T

Set 2: 1 min on 1 min rest x 3, with 1 min transition (rest) between exercises. No rest for plank & muffs – 6 mins continuos work.

Rower – keep below 1min 45 per 500m

Plank & muffs


I felt pretty wiped after, but no sugar cravings that evening so bonus.

Have fun…

Cheers mate…

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